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Become even more essential to your members

Can your organization afford to wait for social distancing to end? Or are your members already growing frustrated by reductions in their benefits—and perhaps even questioning whether their money would be better spent elsewhere?

You can become even more essential to your members by offering a high-value service that helps them take complete control of their financial lives and better navigate these turbulent times.

With Wealth Orchestrated, your members can integrate all the information and expertise affecting their wealth and make better-informed decisions based on their ever-changing circumstances. Its online dashboard, branded with your organization’s logo and contact information, is easy to use, secure, and exceptionally beneficial for members who prefer to shelter at home.

Not only will your members benefit from greater financial well-being, your organization will as well by remaining an indispensable part of their daily lives.

Your members need this exclusive benefit now more than ever.

Per month package license plan: $250.00 (includes a 25-user license...$10.00 per month, per user).

Each additional package of 10 licenses, per month: $50.00 ($5.00 per month, per user).

No contracts. All plans can be cancelled at any time.

Included Features:
Document storage per user: 1GB
Financial accounts aggregation
Tax organizer
In-app calling
File sharing
Connect advisors
In-app branding with your association's logo
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